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South Park Fourteeners

Peak Elevation at Summit Distance to Summit Difficulty Level
Mt Cameron 14,238 feet 3.5 miles Moderate to Difficult
Mt Democrat 14,184 feet 4 miles Moderate to Difficult
Mt Lincoln 14,286 feet 3 miles Moderate to Difficult
Mt Bross 14,172 feet CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC
Please respect private property boundaries!

From Alma, turn on CR 8 there is a small wooden sign for Kite Lake and Buckskin Gulch to mark the road.  Continue on this road for approximately 2¾ miles and turn left at the intersection marked with a sign for Kite Lake and Windy Ridge Bristlecone Pine Scenic Area, continue until you reach the Kite Lake Campground.  You can park either in the campground (fee area) or along the road.

There are plenty of mountain peaks in Colorado that are more than 14,000 feet tall, but there are not many opportunities for the average hiker to climb three in one day.  Just a few miles north of Fairplay, you will find four of South Park Ranger District?s five 14,000+ foot peaks.  Lincoln, Democrat and Bross as well as Mount Cameron are all located together.  They are located near Kite Lake, a high alpine lake with spectacular views of South Park, abundant wildflowers during the summer months and strong winds all the time.  Unfortunately, Mount Bross has been closed to hikers by the land owner, so please respect private property and stay off of Mount Bross.  You still have access to Mount Lincoln, Mount Democrat and Mount Cameron.  The average hiker in fair shape and acclimatized can still hike those three peaks in about six hours.  There is a trail to the west of Kite Lake that will take you to Lake Emma.

Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative
Your Involvement Matters!

Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative (MRHI) is asking you to do your part.  Please honor this privilege by staying on the legal trails and asking friends to do the same.  Volunteer for a trail day, share legal trail information, report anyone who might be damaging property to 719-836-0964 or visit

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