• Founded in 1879 at an elevation of 9,501 feet.

  • The ranching town of Jefferson was established when the DSP&P Railroad arrived in 1879.  A railroad depot was built soon after, and by 1881 the town had two butcher shops, a saloon, lumber mill, hotel, blacksmith, post office, express office, and a population of 300.

  • Ricky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
  • Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Jefferson Depot is a well preserved, wood frame railroad depot on US Hwy 285 in Jefferson.

  • Jefferson is the northernmost point on the Tarryall Valley Scenic & Historic Auto Tour, a 43-mile two-lane paved road that follows County Road 77 (Tarryall Road) to Lake George.

  • The Jefferson Schoool is listed as a Park County Historic Landmark and has been a center of activity since its construction in 1901.  It continues to serve as a community center and church on Main Street.

  • Following a rough wagon road west from Denver, the DSP&P Railroad arrived at Kenosha Pass Summit in 1879.  Listed on the State Register of Historic Properties, this site is important for its association with the DSP&P Railroad's crossing of Kenosha Pass.  Visit the roadside exhibit on the east side of the road or walk the restored rail bed at this interpretive site.

  • The historic Wahl Ranch unfolds as one descends into South Park over Kenosha Pass.  This National Register District encompasses several remaining log and wood frame buildings dating from 1883 to 1948.

  • The Tarryall National Historic Landscape District encompasses the land along the Tarryall Road (CR77) from Jefferson to near Lake George.  This landscape district is one of the first of its kind in the state, and the traveler can sense the feeling of living the life of the homesteaders who settled along this valley in the early 1860s.  Besides breathtaking scenery, the traveler may spot buffalo, antelope, mountain lions, bobcats, deer, and may need to stop for cattle on the road through this open range.
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